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Instead, it focuses on the integrated service of weight loss measurement, batching and packaging

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Service advantage
Technical advantages
Corporate advantage
The equipment produced by the company can ensure that the accuracy can be controlled at about 5/1000, and the equipment can be informed in a timely manner.
Over the past few years, there has been a wealth of production experience, and has its own set of systematic sales services, which are safer, more environmentally friendly, scientific and energy-saving than ordinary services.
We have a strict quality system and a professional service network to protect the rights and interests of our customers.
Professional construction of their own after-sales service team, when the problem occurs, be able to timely understand the customer situation, to help solve the product problem.
— Choose ours.Four advantages —
Case demonstration
Cable material granulation
SEBS medical rubber plug production line
Assembly site
Key Laboratory
Shandong Lubei group xinkinetic energy lithium battery weight loss batching production line
TPU casting film continuous extrusion weight loss batching production line
Jiangsu beiteri three component nano lithium titanate precursor weight loss batching system
Ma'anshan Keda lithium battery weight loss batching production line
Production site of spray melting cloth
Walk into the wrench
With more than 12 years of design and manufacturing experience, we have been dedicated to the industrial solution for the full variety of loss-in-weight feeders, which have been widely and successfully applied in the field like chemistry industry, engineering plastics, cable, food processing , pharmaceutical, building materials etc. In addition,  we are also specializing  the whole line solution for weight, feeding, packing and robotic stacking for  above industries......  

Nanjing Luoke Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Service hotline:138-5160-4492
Service hotline:189-5507-4408
Customer service hotline:025-58494028
Contact address:No. 1-16 Yongxin road, Pancheng street, Pukou district, Nanjing
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Contact number:138-5160-4492
Contact number:189-5507-4408
Customer service fax:025-68661380
Contact address:No. 1-16 Yongxin road, Pancheng street, Pukou district, Nanjing